May. 31st, 2012 12:00 pm
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I keep forgetting to cross-post here. Posting on LJ first just feel better somehow, but then I have to copy and paste, and... bluh.

I'm considering making a separate journal just for my badfics, but I'm wondering if I'm prolific enough to justify it. I've noticed short, one-shot, drabble-y type things are pretty common, and I can work up the required motivation to write those, so maybe it's a good idea.


I could do Tales of the Abyss, and Original TL;DR, but might attempt some Homestuck, Final Fantasy (various), other Tales (Graces, Vesperia?) and maybe some other things. The only real thing stopping me is the way it'll make writing fics feel like FF.net all over again somehow. B|a
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Got a little further in Xenoblade and totally forgot what I wanted to say about it. Oh well, I'll stick it in the next post. :V

I recently found the company that localized the more recent Tales Of games (8-4 Ltd.), and the totally amazing (smaller) company that was responsible for other shining beacons of localization, such as FFXII. It's called Kajiya Productions. Aaah, I'm so excited about all these company pages! Oh, and Aksys Games (another localiz...er?) has an online shop, which, unsurprisingly, has really awesome item descriptions. They also sell shirts with their logo and ohmygodIwant. Then when people ask me what Aksys Games is, I can tell them about localization! (Honestly, that's probably a conversation no one but me wants to have, but I love talking about it. OTL)

I want to send them all fanmail.

Um, mostly unrelated, but I've been plodding through some pretty honestly god-awful romantic (original) badfic, but it looks like it might be sort of long and I'm considering posting it in pieces as I get reasonable chunks done. They don't really constitute "chapters" as far as I'm concerned. I'm just wondering if anyone on the face of the earth besides Azzy wants to read this thing, haha.

I'll probably just wimp out and not post it, but at least you've been warned.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 03:10 pm
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(Late cross-post. Oops. I wasn't going to bother, but I didn't want to leave my DW page looking, on first glace, like I'm a ToG hater!)

I decided to try to write some original fics, but I haven't written in awhile and my prose feels really clunky, even though I read a lot. Huh. Anyway, if I finish anything decent, I'll post it. :>

I just wanted to do sort of a... quickie update here, I guess? I got into the swing of sidequesting in Tales of Graces, and aaaah, it's so good. Sidequests and item-making are great. Also, Hubert's battle ending quotes are awesome. I initially didn't like his voice, but it turned out to be soooo appropriate and it works really well for him!

The character dynamics improve the further in I get, too. I hope they keep the "big family!" thing going, rather than pairing everyone off, because it's so much more cute and fun than hero x heroine ever is.

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