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I haven't played Tales of Destiny, but I've been reading the manga in French. Anyway, in Tales of Graces, you get character cards of the casts from the other Tales Of games. I got all the Tales of Destiny ones, and...

W-what the hell? Why are their names so different? I Wikipedia'd it just to check. How did Johnny become Karyl? I mean, I guess you could justify it because he's a bard, which is passable, but what I really don't understand is how Woodrow became Garr.

wuhhhhh old localizations are baffling

Oh, and ToG ending stuff.

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Holy Snap.

Apr. 12th, 2012 11:47 am
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Awhile ago, I was TL;DRing about this artist who owed me commission work for a bajillion years and was... actively doing other art/commissions. Again, I get that art blocks happen, etc. etc., but I sort of felt I was being ignored or something, and it kind of sucked. Anyway, I messaged her about this, trying to be polite and understanding, and...

...and she powered through the whole picture in one night because she felt bad. Wow. Wow. I'm pretty impressed, actually. Also, she offered me a freebie in addition for waiting for so long. I am appeased.

Additionally, I'm almost always totally broke in Tales of Graces F because, early on, I developed an immense addiction to dualizing items. I've made pretty much everything I can make at this point, too. The only thing stopping me from doing more is the fact that I'm not all the way through the game and haven't gained access to some of the drop items yet. Aaaaah, it's really fun.

I suppose I could use the dualizing addiction to be super rich because of the great selling prices, but I like to have one of everything in case I need it for an inn request. (This has turned out to be a highly prudent strategy.) BUT HEY WHATEVER FLOATS MY BOAT AM I RIGHT

Also, update: all my predictions so far have come true, even the one I was slightly iffy on. Let's see if my ending prediction happens, too, haha. At this point, though, I find that I've become endeared to the characters, so I'm sort of okay with it. Some things about Tales Of predictability have a nice familiarity to them, a little like crystals in Final Fantasy. It's sometimes kind of eye-roll worthy, but at the same time, it's like, you sort of smile as you do it?

I don't know. Some things they could stand to stop doing, for sure, but other things are kind of nice to repeat for nostalgia's sake. (The "withhold very important helpful information for basically no reason" thing definitely fits into the former category, though.)

TL;DR: Tales of Graces F, I love you anyway. The gameplay, content, replayability, item collecting, good localization (= good character dialogue, interaction) etc. balances out the shortcomings of the story.


Apr. 3rd, 2012 03:10 pm
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(Late cross-post. Oops. I wasn't going to bother, but I didn't want to leave my DW page looking, on first glace, like I'm a ToG hater!)

I decided to try to write some original fics, but I haven't written in awhile and my prose feels really clunky, even though I read a lot. Huh. Anyway, if I finish anything decent, I'll post it. :>

I just wanted to do sort of a... quickie update here, I guess? I got into the swing of sidequesting in Tales of Graces, and aaaah, it's so good. Sidequests and item-making are great. Also, Hubert's battle ending quotes are awesome. I initially didn't like his voice, but it turned out to be soooo appropriate and it works really well for him!

The character dynamics improve the further in I get, too. I hope they keep the "big family!" thing going, rather than pairing everyone off, because it's so much more cute and fun than hero x heroine ever is.
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I finally started seriously playing Tales of Graces f this week! It actually got here on release day (I was surprised, too), but I was a little over-engrossed with Avatar at the time, so I didn't do too much in-game. Now that I'm done Avatar, though, I've been playing regularly.

I think they really did a good thing by trying to mix up the battle system a little. Each character plays distinctly differently and has different nuances to their play style, the world map is a decided improvement (though approximately on par with Vesperia's, regardless).

However, I think Tales Of needs to reconsider its story-writing strategy.
TL;DR with no spoilers. )

Wow, I organize my thoughts really poorly.

Before I stop, I just want to add that Graces is by no means a bad game. The core of any game is, well, gameplay, and it does that really well. There's a lot to collect and find and make, and the fighting is fun. If you've never played a Tales game, you're not as likely to see everything coming from 50 miles away--maybe just 40 instead. ;)

But it's solid, and the PS3 needs more JRPGs, even if they're a little predictable.
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Just a heads up to anyone who wants to play Xenoblade: the game is only being released through GameStop stores and Nintendo's online shop, and will be limited! The game is also supposedly a pretty phenomenal "evolution" step for JRPGs, so if you want it, I've been warned a few times that it's in your best interests to preorder.

Do it do it do it.

I did, and I'm pretty sure it will be absolutely worth it!

Tales of Graces F is supposed to be out tomorrow. I'm going scouting for it, but am unsure if my store will actually have it on its release date or not.

Oh, and as other things go:

Little Big Planet (PSP): I finally started my copy of this around Christmas and have been dutifully doing little bits of stuff on it when I can. It's pretty interesting, even if you suck at platformers as much as I do. The visual style is really well-maintained, and there are good play mechanics that encourage you to explore and grab and jump and retry as much as you want. On top of all this, it has a really super English narrator fellow who makes the game even more charming.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3): Still pluggin' away. The random battles are a little bothersome in Augusta Tower (where I am), but I'm still motivated to finish the game and go back for completion purposes. I still wish you got a proper party of three characters, but the monster thing does work decently (and better than in the similar Tales of Symphonia 2). A bunch of DLC came out recently, some of which I will probably cave and buy. I'll tell you about it if I do! :>

Final Fantasy IX (PS1): I restarted this recently (fourth time, I think!), but I think I only mentioned it on Tumblr. It's worth its own posts, so I'll probably TL;DR about it sometime soon. It makes me happy.

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