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Just a heads up to anyone who wants to play Xenoblade: the game is only being released through GameStop stores and Nintendo's online shop, and will be limited! The game is also supposedly a pretty phenomenal "evolution" step for JRPGs, so if you want it, I've been warned a few times that it's in your best interests to preorder.

Do it do it do it.

I did, and I'm pretty sure it will be absolutely worth it!

Tales of Graces F is supposed to be out tomorrow. I'm going scouting for it, but am unsure if my store will actually have it on its release date or not.

Oh, and as other things go:

Little Big Planet (PSP): I finally started my copy of this around Christmas and have been dutifully doing little bits of stuff on it when I can. It's pretty interesting, even if you suck at platformers as much as I do. The visual style is really well-maintained, and there are good play mechanics that encourage you to explore and grab and jump and retry as much as you want. On top of all this, it has a really super English narrator fellow who makes the game even more charming.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3): Still pluggin' away. The random battles are a little bothersome in Augusta Tower (where I am), but I'm still motivated to finish the game and go back for completion purposes. I still wish you got a proper party of three characters, but the monster thing does work decently (and better than in the similar Tales of Symphonia 2). A bunch of DLC came out recently, some of which I will probably cave and buy. I'll tell you about it if I do! :>

Final Fantasy IX (PS1): I restarted this recently (fourth time, I think!), but I think I only mentioned it on Tumblr. It's worth its own posts, so I'll probably TL;DR about it sometime soon. It makes me happy.

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