sagesoren: It's one of my OCs. 8|b (Ugh)
2013-04-19 11:31 am

Room Cleaning

I was going to whine about this on Tumblr, but the format here is much better for it. Sorry, DW. I don't really think anyone reads this, though, so it's probably okay?

I've started hardcore cleaning my room so I can put in new furniture. This means my bed is now in the livingroom so I can move shelves out away from walls and clean behind them, etc.

Anyway, copy pasta from Tumblr (which I've deleted).

On a scale of one to hopeless I'm starting to wonder how seriously cleanable my room is. I’m around half-done and I’m honestly not sure if it looks all that much better. I mean, I know it’s cleaner because I practically bleached the floor and walls, but it doesn’t really look different. :U

The new furniture should help, but it’s also *bigger* furniture, which means the space problems are going to get worse in some areas.

I’m recycling all that paper without even looking through it, though. Freaking grade 8 art. It’s probably a bunch of unironic emo Sonic art and Evanescence lyrics. That’s potentially hilarious, but it’s all gross and dusty and not worth it.