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2013-03-03 05:32 pm

Hello again.

Hey, DW!

It's been awhile. Sorry. I might try to start posting here again, at least a little, since it's much better for having actual conversations (and also because I've discovered the highly likable and intelligent Fire Emblem fandom is alive and well).

Not too much to report; I got a 3DS as a present (!!!) and it came with Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's a really fun game and I really enjoy it. The only problem is it makes me want to replay through the other FEs I own, and I still have a game backlog I'm slogging through.

I should probably try to make a dent in that before I start replaying stuff. Oops.

Anyway, we'll try to keep in touch a little better this time, DW journal, even if, uh, no one is actually reading this.

(Oh, and at long last, my username and default icon actually match. I have no idea why I never thought to do that on my LJ account, given that I had the same username and access to the same icon. Oh well. 8I)
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2012-07-22 10:54 am


Oh god, there's some people across the street with a little girl like three years old who keeps shrieking at intervals of five seconds. Whyyyy. It's really high-pitched, too, almost like a whistle.

Apologies for not updating more. I've been writing a little on a locked post on my LJ, though, and I might go through with my idea of making an LJ/DW/whatever for my badfics, original and otherwise. (I'm leaning towards LJ, since it has better layouts.) I'd link to it here and some other places. I dunno. I WILL CONTINUE TO DISABLE COMMENTS LIKE A CHICKEN THERE, TOO. WORRY NOT, INTERNET.

I actually got a little further in Xenoblade! I was really busy for awhile there, however, and so my gaming hasn't advanced very much. I got further in PS3 Eternal Sonata, if it's any consolation to anyone, and I should be able to make one last post about the PS3 vs 360 versions after I slog on to the ending. I'm presently slouching my way through Mt. Rock, so I'm almost there.

Also, this icon is one of my OCs and I am still very pleased with it. 8Ib

It sums up "ughhhhh" very nicely.
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2012-05-08 03:11 pm

Tales of... Wait, what?

I haven't played Tales of Destiny, but I've been reading the manga in French. Anyway, in Tales of Graces, you get character cards of the casts from the other Tales Of games. I got all the Tales of Destiny ones, and...

W-what the hell? Why are their names so different? I Wikipedia'd it just to check. How did Johnny become Karyl? I mean, I guess you could justify it because he's a bard, which is passable, but what I really don't understand is how Woodrow became Garr.

wuhhhhh old localizations are baffling

Oh, and ToG ending stuff.

Spoilers! Spoilers in the cut text! )
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2012-05-04 07:04 pm

Fangirl Mode Activated

Got a little further in Xenoblade and totally forgot what I wanted to say about it. Oh well, I'll stick it in the next post. :V

I recently found the company that localized the more recent Tales Of games (8-4 Ltd.), and the totally amazing (smaller) company that was responsible for other shining beacons of localization, such as FFXII. It's called Kajiya Productions. Aaah, I'm so excited about all these company pages! Oh, and Aksys Games (another has an online shop, which, unsurprisingly, has really awesome item descriptions. They also sell shirts with their logo and ohmygodIwant. Then when people ask me what Aksys Games is, I can tell them about localization! (Honestly, that's probably a conversation no one but me wants to have, but I love talking about it. OTL)

I want to send them all fanmail.

Um, mostly unrelated, but I've been plodding through some pretty honestly god-awful romantic (original) badfic, but it looks like it might be sort of long and I'm considering posting it in pieces as I get reasonable chunks done. They don't really constitute "chapters" as far as I'm concerned. I'm just wondering if anyone on the face of the earth besides Azzy wants to read this thing, haha.

I'll probably just wimp out and not post it, but at least you've been warned.
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2012-05-02 09:04 am
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Back to Basics

I was finally able to start Xenoblde Chronicles yesterday, and while I only played for about 90 minutes, I already have a few things to say. First, I'm clearly not far enough to find all the advertised points of "revolution" here, but that will come with time.

So here we go!

- STORY: Clearly there's not much of one yet, but that's to be expected. What's interesting, though, is that when I start a new JRPG, I make sure I have at least two hours to do so, since there's usually a ton of cutscenes, followed by either slow-moving tutorial-type battles or slow-moving plot points to get you accustomed to the game. You also want to get to at least the first save point, and sometimes you have to wait awhile. Xenoblade took like 20 minutes to get from the opening cutscenes to a point where I was allowed to save. Color me surprised.
- GRAPHICS: The graphics are, as said by the producer, not one of the main factors here. In fact, the renders are pretty Gamecube-y. This really isn't a big deal except that the main girl's eyes are weird and disproportionately huge, which looks pretty strange and almost freakish compared to the others.
- LOADING TIMES: There is no loading that I've encountered! The game loads up, and that's it. You book it through the field into a different field? No loading. You enter a town? No loading. I vaguely remember this being the case when my friends played games like World of Warcraft (I've never played MMOs myself), but it's a pretty new thing for JRPGs and makes things a lot smoother. It's surprising what a difference it makes!
- BATTLE: There is no battle screen. Think of Final Fantasy XII; it's similar to that, except with a different interface, obviously. And although the commands and the issuing of them is different, the fighting feels pretty similar to XII's, too.
- LOCALIZATION: This is a big deal for me. I've heard the localization is iffy in places, but so far, only found that this is the case in battle. (And believe me, I scrutinize basically every single comma and line of dialogue.) This localization was done in Europe, and so everyone is British and so are some of the spellings. (IE: "Learnt".) Except for the battle quotes, though, I have been okay with the localization job. I think one of the characters actually has a line like, "We'll just keep getting better and better and better and better!" and it's pretty weird, but again, this is just the battle quote stuff.
- EXPLORATION: Obviously I haven't been playing long enough to do much of this, but it's very much worth mentioning. I dicked off from my story goal right after Party Member #2 left me, and I wandered to an area left of the actual city. I fought a frog because I was level 5 and cocky. :U Frog killed me. "Oh no," I thought. "When did I last save? Back at the beginning somewhere?" I waited for my RPG punishment: having to reload from my save file. And it didn't happen. I was plunked back at the city entrance, no harm done.

In the game world, you pass landmarks--fountains, entrance ways, big rocks, noteworthy shops--and if you die, there is no horrendous punishment. You're simply sent back to the last one you passed. (And you're alerted whenever you pass one, too, so there's no guessing.)

This is honestly so far the absolute best thing I've seen in this entire 90 minutes of game. Holy snap. I want every JRPG to learn to do something similar. Everyone knows the woe of sidequesting and then dying accidentally and having to redo a bunch of stuff. It's a pain, and if this game can do something about it, so can others.

This feature, in conjunction with your ability to save almost anywhere at all through the menu, will make me much more inclined to jump down cliffs, try to swim in water, try to reach distant viewpoints, etc., all because I'm not afraid of running into Level 60 monsters and dying. Freaking amazing.

That's pretty much all I can discuss at this point, but there will be more! I'll keep watching especially for the points I remember the producer talking about in the interview I read so I can comment on those specific things. Looking forward to it!
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2012-04-27 08:12 pm
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Holy snap. I sent my Wii to Nintendo's repair shop in Vancouver via Purolator on Tuesday. It came back yesterday--on Thursday. Now that's fast!

I was absolutely dying on Thursday, so I didn't start Xenoblade (darn chest cold and migraine!), but the Wii did come back a lot sooner than I was expecting, so I'll be starting the game in the next week sometime. That's still ahead of my projected schedule, anyway, so I don't mind.

Will let you know what I think!
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2012-04-19 10:39 am
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oh what

So my copy of Xenoblade Chronicles came on Friday and this morning I put aside time to start it. Aaaaand the Wii wouldn't read the disc. It would read other discs, however, so I called the 800 number. It turns out the Xenoblade disc is a double-layer disc, etc. etc., and so some Wiis have difficulty reading the disc. It usually means the lens needs to be cleaned, or replaced.

But, since my Wii is only failing to read that particular disc, this apparently counts as a problem I can have fixed for free. (However, if the Wii had ceased to read discs altogether, I would've had to pay for repairs/shipping, which totaled around $100CAD. Yikes, close call.)

Anyway, I guess I lucked out? However, this still means I have to ship everything out, and the whole process of shipping and repairs takes around 10 days, so I won't be starting Xenoblade any time soon. What matters, though, is that:

a) I didn't have to pay a bunch of additional money, and
b) I'll have time to finish Tales of Graces first.

I am side-questing to death in said game and it's the best.

I realize my LJ is primarily videogame TL;DR while my Tumblr is for internet nonsense and Homestuck, but I would also like to mention that I got my totally awesome red Converse hightops in the mail yesterday, and my Eclectica Jade costume is henceforth complete. Yaaaaay.

I'm going to commandeer my lovely friend Kamala's photography skills and hopefully get some nice pictures of the cosplay before I go to the con in May. :>

(Said con is Otafest, if anyone on my f-list is from Calgary and might be going. I can't remember, sob. If you're going, PM meeee.)
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2012-04-12 11:47 am
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Holy Snap.

Awhile ago, I was TL;DRing about this artist who owed me commission work for a bajillion years and was... actively doing other art/commissions. Again, I get that art blocks happen, etc. etc., but I sort of felt I was being ignored or something, and it kind of sucked. Anyway, I messaged her about this, trying to be polite and understanding, and...

...and she powered through the whole picture in one night because she felt bad. Wow. Wow. I'm pretty impressed, actually. Also, she offered me a freebie in addition for waiting for so long. I am appeased.

Additionally, I'm almost always totally broke in Tales of Graces F because, early on, I developed an immense addiction to dualizing items. I've made pretty much everything I can make at this point, too. The only thing stopping me from doing more is the fact that I'm not all the way through the game and haven't gained access to some of the drop items yet. Aaaaah, it's really fun.

I suppose I could use the dualizing addiction to be super rich because of the great selling prices, but I like to have one of everything in case I need it for an inn request. (This has turned out to be a highly prudent strategy.) BUT HEY WHATEVER FLOATS MY BOAT AM I RIGHT

Also, update: all my predictions so far have come true, even the one I was slightly iffy on. Let's see if my ending prediction happens, too, haha. At this point, though, I find that I've become endeared to the characters, so I'm sort of okay with it. Some things about Tales Of predictability have a nice familiarity to them, a little like crystals in Final Fantasy. It's sometimes kind of eye-roll worthy, but at the same time, it's like, you sort of smile as you do it?

I don't know. Some things they could stand to stop doing, for sure, but other things are kind of nice to repeat for nostalgia's sake. (The "withhold very important helpful information for basically no reason" thing definitely fits into the former category, though.)

TL;DR: Tales of Graces F, I love you anyway. The gameplay, content, replayability, item collecting, good localization (= good character dialogue, interaction) etc. balances out the shortcomings of the story.
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2012-04-03 03:10 pm


(Late cross-post. Oops. I wasn't going to bother, but I didn't want to leave my DW page looking, on first glace, like I'm a ToG hater!)

I decided to try to write some original fics, but I haven't written in awhile and my prose feels really clunky, even though I read a lot. Huh. Anyway, if I finish anything decent, I'll post it. :>

I just wanted to do sort of a... quickie update here, I guess? I got into the swing of sidequesting in Tales of Graces, and aaaah, it's so good. Sidequests and item-making are great. Also, Hubert's battle ending quotes are awesome. I initially didn't like his voice, but it turned out to be soooo appropriate and it works really well for him!

The character dynamics improve the further in I get, too. I hope they keep the "big family!" thing going, rather than pairing everyone off, because it's so much more cute and fun than hero x heroine ever is.
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2012-03-22 10:28 am
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Eleth Mix It Up, Namco

I finally started seriously playing Tales of Graces f this week! It actually got here on release day (I was surprised, too), but I was a little over-engrossed with Avatar at the time, so I didn't do too much in-game. Now that I'm done Avatar, though, I've been playing regularly.

I think they really did a good thing by trying to mix up the battle system a little. Each character plays distinctly differently and has different nuances to their play style, the world map is a decided improvement (though approximately on par with Vesperia's, regardless).

However, I think Tales Of needs to reconsider its story-writing strategy.
TL;DR with no spoilers. )

Wow, I organize my thoughts really poorly.

Before I stop, I just want to add that Graces is by no means a bad game. The core of any game is, well, gameplay, and it does that really well. There's a lot to collect and find and make, and the fighting is fun. If you've never played a Tales game, you're not as likely to see everything coming from 50 miles away--maybe just 40 instead. ;)

But it's solid, and the PS3 needs more JRPGs, even if they're a little predictable.
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2012-03-12 07:33 pm

Do itttttt.

Just a heads up to anyone who wants to play Xenoblade: the game is only being released through GameStop stores and Nintendo's online shop, and will be limited! The game is also supposedly a pretty phenomenal "evolution" step for JRPGs, so if you want it, I've been warned a few times that it's in your best interests to preorder.

Do it do it do it.

I did, and I'm pretty sure it will be absolutely worth it!

Tales of Graces F is supposed to be out tomorrow. I'm going scouting for it, but am unsure if my store will actually have it on its release date or not.

Oh, and as other things go:

Little Big Planet (PSP): I finally started my copy of this around Christmas and have been dutifully doing little bits of stuff on it when I can. It's pretty interesting, even if you suck at platformers as much as I do. The visual style is really well-maintained, and there are good play mechanics that encourage you to explore and grab and jump and retry as much as you want. On top of all this, it has a really super English narrator fellow who makes the game even more charming.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3): Still pluggin' away. The random battles are a little bothersome in Augusta Tower (where I am), but I'm still motivated to finish the game and go back for completion purposes. I still wish you got a proper party of three characters, but the monster thing does work decently (and better than in the similar Tales of Symphonia 2). A bunch of DLC came out recently, some of which I will probably cave and buy. I'll tell you about it if I do! :>

Final Fantasy IX (PS1): I restarted this recently (fourth time, I think!), but I think I only mentioned it on Tumblr. It's worth its own posts, so I'll probably TL;DR about it sometime soon. It makes me happy.
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2012-02-23 10:37 am
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Demo Time

I just realized I should use my procrastinatory (lol made-up word) Thursday mornings at the museum for updating my journal. (Wow, now I sound like a horrible employee, but there isn't a lot to do here.) 8Db

I've happily been taking advantage of the PSN's demos, since they let me try stuff for free with no actual commitment. Yaaaay. Stuff I tried recently:

Sonic 4: I'm not trying to knock the potential quality of fangames or anything, but this game is... pretty much as bad as a fangame. And not a good fangame--an average one. The graphics are really blah and so is the level design. This would be okay except that you have to pay actual money for it. I'm pretty forgiving of Sonic game mediocrity (and platforming mediocrity in general, actually), but this is so mediocre that I was actually kind of horrified. I showed it to friends just so they could see how blah it was. The backgrounds sort of reminded me of Sonic 3D Blast, and not in a good way.

Rayman Origins: I... suck at platformers. A lot. But the demo for this was a decent length, and was quite pretty. The character animations are nice and clean, and the locals are really, really lovely. Also, they have this cool ambiance going on with the weird and well-varied music. The situations you're put in are kind of interesting, too, especially for me, since I've never played a Rayman game. (Yes, really.) My friend and I kept laughing and saying, "What's going on?" and "Is that a _____?" and stuff like that. It was great.

Scott Pilgrim: I also suck at beat-'em-ups, and I was also playing alone, so this was really just frustrating for me and not really fun at all. If you like pummeling, though, you might like it. The music and visuals are totally amazing, regardless. Really good style.

I recommend just going crazy and trying a bunch of demos of things. They're free. They're accessible. You might find something you like. It's win-win!
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2012-02-20 10:41 am


Aaaah. I picked a random playlist on my iTunes and got a bouncy French pop song followed immediately by O Fortuna. Great way to scare yourself all of a sudden!

Anyway, I'm playing through FFXIII-2 at a normal speed (IE: not the crazy srs speed of the people who make the walkthroughs, oh my god), and am about halfway through. Mind you, I've been trying to get all the branch-outs, etc. etc. so my first chunk of the timeline circle things is pretty much all filled in.

So far (spoiler-free):
- I have only gotten to play as Lightning once :[
- there seem to be a few too many songs with lyrics. The one about the "crystal view" is especially annoying and I actually have to mute the TV when I'm in that area. asdjkshd
- I'm warming up somewhat to the "Pokemon" monster system thing they've got going on. I loathed it at first, and it still has some issues, but I'm having a better time with it now. I just wish I was having better luck finding monsters with Sentinel roles!
- the recap when you start up again sort of reminds me of a bad TV show, haha. I liked the text ones better, but they're skippable, so it's okay.
- the locals are quite pretty most of the time
- I have not re-encountered that atrocious "piggy kitty" thing from the demo, thank god, and am hopeful that it disappeared.
- the plot is slightly silly, but is okay. :>
- I don't strongly dislike any important aspects of the game; the only thing that's a mite annoying is sometimes you have a serious lack of direction. Usually you can just skip to a different area and do something else for awhile, though, so it mostly balances out.

Oh, and I recently-ish downloaded some demos, one of which was for Sonic 4. Oh god, why. I will whine about it in a different post. 8|b
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2012-02-05 10:30 am
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Heads Up!

I'm going to start cross-posting from now on, so if you don't know me from LJ/didn't read my LJ stuff, you might occasionally be slightly out of the loop regarding my game blogging. If that happens, please just check out said blog. :>

I'll be continuing my TL;DR about Final Fantasy XIII-2 shortly, now that I've actually done more things in-game.