Mar. 21st, 2012

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Because if you try to Google it, I guarantee autocomplete will give you the wrong "Legend of". :9

Anyway, because the internet is always managing to get its claws on things before it's supposed to, episode one of The Legend of Korra (the sequel show to Avatar: The Last Airbender) has already squiggled its way into our reach. The show doesn't officially begin airing until the middle of April. Whoops.

No spoilers, though, I promise!

I will be the first to admit I was half terrified to watch it. Especially having just rewatched the first show, I was feeling pretty endeared to it and am still holding it in high regard. (It's really, really good and the whole thing is on Netflix. Watch ittttt.)

I was really scared that LoK would be held to too high a standard and fall short, but I was pleasantly surprised. I'd been mislead into believing that Korra was going to be a SRS BZNS kind of... tough bitchy girl who's all like, "Whatever". And that she'd turn out to have a TERRIBLE SCARRED PAST BOOHOO or something. I was wrong in all ways. I liked Korra immediately. (Also, she has normal, living parents who weren't murdered or anything!)

She's very different from Aang in a lot of ways, obviously, but she seems like a nice, balanced character, and she also seems interested in doing good.

I can also see why they chose the new setting--it's neat, and it offers lots of opportunities for different things to happen, so that the new show isn't doomed to simply be a repeat of the first. However, I feel like the setting leapt forward too much. It's less than 100 years since the end of The Last Airbender, after all, and I feel like the dramatic change is sort of... jarring.

Like, I know it's just a pretend world, but it's a very well-written one, and that much of a jump in under a hundred years doesn't seem very feasible to me. That's not to say it's not good or anything, though. I've seen one episode of the proposed two seasons, so the show has a lot of time to balance itself.

I just thought I'd give you guys sort of a heads-up, I guess? I am hoping I'll be proven wrong about the setting, since I'm really on the fence about it.


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