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Feb. 23rd, 2012 10:37 am
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I just realized I should use my procrastinatory (lol made-up word) Thursday mornings at the museum for updating my journal. (Wow, now I sound like a horrible employee, but there isn't a lot to do here.) 8Db

I've happily been taking advantage of the PSN's demos, since they let me try stuff for free with no actual commitment. Yaaaay. Stuff I tried recently:

Sonic 4: I'm not trying to knock the potential quality of fangames or anything, but this game is... pretty much as bad as a fangame. And not a good fangame--an average one. The graphics are really blah and so is the level design. This would be okay except that you have to pay actual money for it. I'm pretty forgiving of Sonic game mediocrity (and platforming mediocrity in general, actually), but this is so mediocre that I was actually kind of horrified. I showed it to friends just so they could see how blah it was. The backgrounds sort of reminded me of Sonic 3D Blast, and not in a good way.

Rayman Origins: I... suck at platformers. A lot. But the demo for this was a decent length, and was quite pretty. The character animations are nice and clean, and the locals are really, really lovely. Also, they have this cool ambiance going on with the weird and well-varied music. The situations you're put in are kind of interesting, too, especially for me, since I've never played a Rayman game. (Yes, really.) My friend and I kept laughing and saying, "What's going on?" and "Is that a _____?" and stuff like that. It was great.

Scott Pilgrim: I also suck at beat-'em-ups, and I was also playing alone, so this was really just frustrating for me and not really fun at all. If you like pummeling, though, you might like it. The music and visuals are totally amazing, regardless. Really good style.

I recommend just going crazy and trying a bunch of demos of things. They're free. They're accessible. You might find something you like. It's win-win!

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