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Aaaah. I picked a random playlist on my iTunes and got a bouncy French pop song followed immediately by O Fortuna. Great way to scare yourself all of a sudden!

Anyway, I'm playing through FFXIII-2 at a normal speed (IE: not the crazy srs speed of the people who make the walkthroughs, oh my god), and am about halfway through. Mind you, I've been trying to get all the branch-outs, etc. etc. so my first chunk of the timeline circle things is pretty much all filled in.

So far (spoiler-free):
- I have only gotten to play as Lightning once :[
- there seem to be a few too many songs with lyrics. The one about the "crystal view" is especially annoying and I actually have to mute the TV when I'm in that area. asdjkshd
- I'm warming up somewhat to the "Pokemon" monster system thing they've got going on. I loathed it at first, and it still has some issues, but I'm having a better time with it now. I just wish I was having better luck finding monsters with Sentinel roles!
- the recap when you start up again sort of reminds me of a bad TV show, haha. I liked the text ones better, but they're skippable, so it's okay.
- the locals are quite pretty most of the time
- I have not re-encountered that atrocious "piggy kitty" thing from the demo, thank god, and am hopeful that it disappeared.
- the plot is slightly silly, but is okay. :>
- I don't strongly dislike any important aspects of the game; the only thing that's a mite annoying is sometimes you have a serious lack of direction. Usually you can just skip to a different area and do something else for awhile, though, so it mostly balances out.

Oh, and I recently-ish downloaded some demos, one of which was for Sonic 4. Oh god, why. I will whine about it in a different post. 8|b

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